Join us by applying for membership.


Membership is composed of five distinct types. The public can participate in Monsoon Society through one of the organizational members of Monsoon by becoming a student and subsequently joining the society.

Club Members – Clubs, schools and organizations who promote specific SE Asian cultural arts

Instructor Members – Certified instructors of Club Members

Student Members – Active, recognized students of Club Members

Envoy Members – representatives from organizations, affiliates, and businesses

Legacy Members – individuals who have established a legacy by their lasting contributions to the SE Asian cultural arts


-The main benefits of membership include:

  • Access to Monsoon services and resources
  • Ability to submit proposals for consideration by the Society
  • Participation in society committees, the Board, and projects
  • Good standing in various of Monsoon’s associated organizations
  • Apply for grants and resources accessible to non-profits


The Monsoon Society hosts a variety of resources and services that members may access, depending upon their association with specific cultural arts, organizations and communities. Member organizations of the Society may utilize those services to deliver beneficial content to their own members. Groups promoting SE Asian cultural arts may support their own activities or projects through the use of Monsoon’s resources.


Perhaps you are planning an event, looking for training gear, want to make costumes for a performance, or need space for a workshop.

As a non-profit organization, the Monsoon Society may be able to help you get access to resources, funding, materials, services, or expertise. Or give you access to its own resources. Or connect you with another member of the Society.


Joining the Monsoon Society is a way of building community. Our community – performers, artists, and instructors of a wide variety of Southeast Asian cultural arts. As a group, we can support each to succeed in our shared mission to promote our arts and our passions.

Even if you do not plan to make a proposal in the near future, your support will be appreciated by everyone who will. Please join us and help promote our arts.

Annual Membership

Cost is only $25 per year.

To join as a member, you must be one of:

  • a recognized Instructor or Student of an existing Club Member
  • a representative for an organization, club or school offering or promoting instruction in a SE Asian cultural art
  • a representative for a group, business or organization promoting SE Asian cultural arts

If you have any questions, please contact us