Our Mission

To support and advance the Southeast Asian cultural arts in knowledge and through expression in British Columbia, and by extension across Canada, and throughout North America.

Our Vision

Establish and foster an active community, open to the public, engaged in the study, practice, and dissemination of knowledge and training for the cultural arts of Southeast Asia, as they relate to traditional and historical warrior arts and culture, including fighting arts, weapons making, dance performance, music and song, musical instruments, language, religious and geopolitical history, healing arts, arts and crafts, conditioning and bodywork, traditional foods and food preparation, and traditional dress and textiles.

Within such a community, it is envisioned that traditional knowledge will be researched, taught, preserved, and expressed, thereby promoting health and well- being, cultural celebration, personal enjoyment and satisfaction, social growth, and cultural diversity.

Our Values

Respect, health and well-being, responsibility, community, acceptance, and participation.