Southeast Asian Cultural Arts Festival


Saturday August 18, 2012 - 10:00am - 5:00pm
Burnaby Central Park, Burnaby, BC

SEACAF is an annual celebration of Filipino and Southeast Asian cultural arts including martial arts, dance, song, music, dress and food. It is organized by instructors, performers, and students from a variety of different clubs, schools, and troupes.

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Organization sponsors for 2012 were:

As well we would like to thank the various business sponsors who are helping to support the festival through their participation and contributions - check out our Sponsors page.

What a great day of training, performing, and hanging out! Check out the photos and videos below!

NOTE: There is also a longer 5 minute video of the same performances available at

Event Programme

The festival ran from 10am to 5pm with 30 minutes for each presentation and 10 minutes in between. At 1pm there was a potluck BBQ featuring lots of ethnic food (with a performance from SEACHS Dance).
1000-1030     Tuhon Loki (maelstrom Martial Arts)- stick stretching
1040-1110     Guros Kevin Haaland / Tom Dy Tang - Kalis Ilustrisimo Repeticion Orihinal
1120-1150     Ajarn Steve Wilson  Krabi Krabong/Thai martial arts
1200-1230     Guro Brent Matsuda of Warrior Zen Martial Arts - Bahala Na Giron
1240-1300     I Made Kartawan of GGA  Gamelan Gender Wayang
1300-1340     Potluck BBQ w/ SEACHS dance performance
1340-1410     Guro Ed Wong (Urban Survival Systems)- modern pencak silat
1420-1450     Guro Louie Lindo (Ikatan Kali)  pencak silat of Cimande
1500-1530     Highland Gong Society  dance and gong performance
1530-1600     Guro John Soriano (Balintawak Cuentada Seattle)
1610-1640     Kathara Canada  tribal rhythms and dance presentation

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